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About the Client

Since 1975, medical researchers, oncologists, and lay people have been fighting for a cure for cancer via the work of ICRF. The ICRF harnesses the knowledge, educational resources, and research of Israels’ best and brightest scientists in order to save the lives of cancer patients in Toronto, North America and throughout the world. ICRF’s mission is to continue to find treatments and cures for all forms of cancer, utilizing the unique benefits Israel and its scientists have to offer. The results of the research have a significant impact throughout the world.

About the Project

In 2020, ICRF was putting on the 19th annual Women of Action celebration. They were looking to create a refined visual brand with a empowering feel that properly conveys the message behind the event; Women of Action recognizes outstanding women who have made a difference through their achievements, leadership and dedication in the business, medical and philanthropic communities. It wasn’t just about their logo (it never is, of course!)… it was about developing a cohesive visual experience that would be memorable across all platforms and throughout every point in the journey.

The Women of Action brand has a creative feminine vibe with a relaxed polish. It’s elegant yet welcoming and reflects their warm and generous spirit. The combination of the modern lettering with the script font is representative to the women who excel in their fields and represent a strong sense of their chosen professions and an equally strong compassion for humanitarian causes, by distinguishing themselves as truly charitable and benevolent people.

The color palette conveys a positive energy while remaining approachable at the same time, and furthers the focus on gratitude, generosity, and making outstanding contributions in their respective fields. The styling carries through into their marketing collateral, communications pieces, signage, gifts, and beyond to ensure every touch point is on-brand + polished… an effective way to make a first and lasting impression!

Learn more about ICRF and Revolving Tables on their website.

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