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About the Client

Kellie George-Bernard is a full body mindset coach. Her niche is clients that wish to lose weight (or learn how to experience body self acceptance at their current size) unpack hidden beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are holding them back in their process to self love. Amidst feelings of fear and uncertainty, she is a safe space and a voice of clarity.

She has established a Personal Life and Wellness Coaching Practice that helps people lose weight outside of the common diet culture mentality. She spreads her message using a blog, social media sites and developing webinars, workshops and courses with the goal of selling her products and services. She is very passionate about adding a different, positive voice for the anti-diet culture that so many people have found themselves swimming in. She helps promote positive self talk about body acceptance, weight loss and positive inner dialogue. It is possible to lose weight from a place of self acceptance and compassion.

About the Project

Kellie is super charismatic, engaging, funny, and very authentic. She wanted her brand to showcase all of those assets. She wanted bold, energetic and engaging colours that are fun to look at, without being “overly cheesy, country or homemade”. The design needed to be approachable, and she wanted a lasting impression of feelings of warmth, and a genuine desire to help. The design “sparks” a mindset towards a weight loss process and work through disordered eating. Once her logo design was established, we worked together on coaching worksheets, social media posts, and a website design to sell her services. 

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