Professional Standards Board for the Planning Profession in Canada (PSB)

Logo + Visual Identity
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About the Client

The Professional Standards Board for the Planning Profession in Canada (PSB) was established to administer the certification process of professional planners, and regulate the profession across Canada, and the Canadian Institute of Planners.

About the Project

PSB was in need of a brand overhaul — Simply put, their old brand didn’t convey that they are an organization that certifies planners, or match the high level of service they provide. It was time for a new visual identity that better communicated their value, expertise, and the trust they build with their industry.

We set out to develop a brand that was modern and recognizable, and ‘demystify’ who they are. The rebrand needed to emphasize their mission, purpose and identity as an organization that is professional, reliable, and offers a seamless service. The logo needed to be accessible for all; The colour palette is very similar to what a person with the two most common types of color blindess will see. The logomark combines both types of professional planning, and the maple leaf was incorporated to portray a pure focus on Canadian planners.

Learn more about PSB on their website. 

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