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About the Client

Orange Solace Coaching helps women confidently discover their innate connections in motivation and behaviour, setting their targets and developing strategies to achieve those goals. Using her results-driven model, Linda provides her clients with valuable tools as they learn how to cultivate their inner resilience, and let their best self lead the way. 

Throughout Linda’s life, she has experienced a great deal of adversities, some predictable and many with no warning at all. Life transitions, change, loss and having to rebuild herself from an unfamiliar place are challenges that were all too familiar to her. It was with courage, acceptance, commitment to her well being and support from others that helped her work through these difficult times. She uses these experiences to provide real, and level-headed coaching that empowers her clients to build on their inner resilience, enabling them to shift from a place of surviving to thriving. By embracing life’s adversities, her clients feel empowered without doubting their choices, goals, weaknesses, and strengths. Amidst feelings of fear and uncertainty, she is a safe space and a voice of clarity.

About the Project

Linda wanted to launch her coaching business with her best foot forward and develop a professional visual brand that reflects her creativity, warmth, and personal client experience. Empowered, confident, approachable, with a touch of playfulness… we adore how Linda’s brand came together!

The beautiful colour palette matches Linda’s warm and engaging personality. We used a clean and modern font that has subtle character to the letters, paired with arches that speak to Linda’s welcoming coaching environment and how she supports her clients. The monogram becomes a dynamic recurring symbol that Linda is known for — the “o” representing an open door, being invited into coaching,  coupled with the intertwined “s” representing the journey that Linda and her clients are on together. 

Learn more about Orange Solace Coaching on their website.

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