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Scoop Design is a Toronto-based graphic design studio specializing in creating visually striking identities, user-friendly websites, and both print and digital marketing collateral to help businesses elevate their marketing.

Founded in 2015, Scoop Design is driven by a passion for partnering with businesses. We pride ourselves on fostering long-lasting client relationships and delivering exceptional design work tailored to meet unique needs and objectives.

With over 150 businesses served, Scoop Design prides itself on crafting clean, minimalist designs that not only seamlessly integrate with our clients’ brands, but also empower them to incorporate these visual elements into their marketing strategies effectively. Our commitment extends beyond design; we place a strong emphasis on client education, ensuring that our partners fully grasp the significance of their visual identities and how they can be leveraged to achieve marketing success.

Our collaborative approach ensures we work closely with our clients to capture their unique vision, delivering results that consistently exceed expectations. We are deeply invested in the journey, welcoming feedback, and offering comprehensive guidance and support throughout the process.

Dedicated to continuous learning, we ensure our work meets and surpasses industry standards, resonating deeply with intended audiences. This dedication to excellence has established Scoop Design as a trusted partner for businesses across various industries, developing strategic marketing solutions that engage audiences and reflect our clients’ core values and goals.

Service + Experience

Above all, we pride ourselves on giving our clients a one-on-one, personalized experience. We treat every design project as a fun collaboration, so we take the time to understand your exact needs before we start designing.

Effective Communication

Communication can make or break a project. With Scoop Design, you can be sure it will make it that much more enjoyable. Your feedback and opinions are respected and encouraged in all stages of the visual branding process.

Inspiring Collaborations

We like to work with our clients rather than for them. In an equal collaboration, we’ll both be able to meet our timelines, create an incredible finished product, and enjoy every step along the way.

Personal Fulfillment

We find fulfillment in partnering with business owners with missions that fit our core values. These partnerships allow a flexible schedule that gives us the freedom to prioritize our families too. We know this is the key to producing our very best work.

The Team

Powered by our People

Scoop Design Founder Cheryl Borenstein
Cheryl Borenstein


Cheryl enjoys life as a wife and mom to her boys, Mickey and Teddy, and is so proud when her husband points out typos and design flaws. She loves bold, modern, clean designs and lives by the code “less is more.”

Scoop Design Creative Account Manager Serena McCaughtry
Serena McCaughtry

Creative Account Manager

Serena lives in a cozy apartment with her hubby in Fredericton New Brunswick. She loves to cook, bake and sunbathe on the patio with a good book. She has a degree in marketing and many certifications in design.

Scoop Design Graphic Design Madison Fancher
Madison Fancher

Graphic Designer

Madison loves colour and anything bright and bold. She has a diploma in Graphic Design and a BA in Linguistics and is passionate about communication, illustration, branding and typography.

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